Great station at the Wettenberg mayor Marc Nees.
TELOGS welcomes the winners of the 2022 Christmas Painting Contest.

Wettenberg 19.12.2022. The local intralogistics specialist TELOGS organized a Christmas coloring contest for all children in Wettenberg during the first two weeks of December. The painting template of a richly decorated Christmas tree was to color according to their own ideas. Children between 3 and 10 years old could participate. Among the numerous participants, the winners were chosen in three age categories. At the request of the organizers Sabrina Fuchs and Sascha Troge from TELOGS, Mayor Marc Nees and his team took over the exciting task of evaluation. During a joint reception in the Wettenberg municipal administration on December 14, the prizes in the form of shopping vouchers were presented to the little artists. All other participants received a small thank-you gift from the organizer for taking part.

There were no limits to creativity when it came to coloring. Crayons, markers, watercolors – everything was allowed, says Sabrina Fuchs. The results were correspondingly diverse. They were also very happy about Marc Nees’ spontaneous promise to evaluate the pictures and to award prizes together. The idea for the painting competition originally came about as part of an internal workshop, says the HR officer. “We wanted to give a thank-you back to the families of our employees.” The impulse quickly came to integrate the children of the local region as well. Much grateful feedback on the campaign had confirmed the idea. The painting competition was publicized via the Wettenberg community news and social media channels. All the info and the painting template could be obtained from the company’s website.


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