Our topic at Logistics Summit 2022 revolves around “Digitization potential of existing intralogistics systems”.
In our opinion, this is a central topic for the next few years. In many cases, intralogistics systems consist of customer-specific special systems, each of which represents a unique material flow. These individual process chains can represent decisive competitive advantages in the market and are thus among the essential infrastructures of companies. This makes it all the more important to match the performance of these intralogistics systems with the current technical possibilities.
It is our experience that the great technological progress in the field of mechanical engineering in recent years is increasingly being countered by aging plant technology. In doing so, operators risk decreasing plant availability and leave considerable savings potential unused. In his keynote speech, Tim Meinke (TELOGS) will demonstrate the extensive potential offered by a RetroFit and the high degree of digitization we can realize with it.



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Tim Meinke is responsible for sales and development of the RetroFit division at TELOGS.
He accompanies customers from the intralogistics sector in modernization projects from the definition of objectives to conceptual design and implementation. His expertise is based on extensive experience with complex projects, which he was able to lead and accompany in various positions over the past years. Tim Meinke is a certified technician and is earning a Master of Business Administration and Engineering. Additional training in LEAN management and REFA complement his expertise.

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